Welcome to this website! مرحبًا

I am a Senior Lecturer in Political Science affiliated with Erasmus University College Rotterdam, the Netherlands. EUC is part of Erasmus University Rotterdam and offers a bachelor programme in liberal arts and sciences.

My profile as a political scientist [full CV] with special interest in contemporary West Asia and North Africa actually started the other way round: as a student of Arab and Islamic studies, I ventured into social sciences. Transdisciplinarity characterizes my scholarly activities: I believe in the liberal arts and sciences attitude of combining approaches and skills to solve real-life issues as an empowering format to gain, transfer, and apply knowledge.

My work is deeply connected with Mediterranean states and societies, a region rich in savoir-vivre. My first-hand experience derives from the years I spent living in three Arab countries: Egypt, Lebanon and Morocco. Having witnessed some historic developments, I remain struck by the playful creativity of ordinary citizens. This resourcefulness –often against all odds- continues to inspire me.

Academically, my research explores symbolic and material visualizations of power. This ranges from interactions between architecture, religion, and politics to the analysis of political dynasties.

Above all, I am an enthusiastic educator who is passionate about pedagogic innovation and interactive learning. I (co)designed undergraduate courses on Arab politics and Islamic history while at EUC, a first for Dutch university colleges. It is my conviction that simplifications need to be challenged with nuanced and field-based knowledge. I view it as my duty and ambition to explain complex issues in simple terms.

I hope this website can help you find what you were looking for. If not, please do get in touch.